Developed and created by Apple, iTunes stores your media, manages your applications on your mobile device, and plays media. It was mainly created to play, organize, and download audio and video docs using personal computers with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and OS X. Through the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, the iTunes Store can be accessed.

Via the iTunes Store, consumers can buy and download audio books, music, music videos, movies, movie rentals, podcasts, and television videos. Note that movie rentals are only available in a few countries and are made available to 4th generation iPod Touch and iPhone. Using the App Store, you can download applications for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

More often than not, iTunes usually has updates. As a user, you can select to update your version if you would like. Usually if the users would like to update software, they need to do an iTunes updates beforehand.

When you have an iTunes account login, you can get access to on-demand music and movies as well as the App Store, podcasts, and books. In order to get an iTunes login, you would have to have a mobile device that has an iTunes program as well as an Internet connection and email.

You can open your account any time. This indicates that you can access any time any where entertainment—music, movies, television shows, etc. In addition, this also indicates that you do not have to wait for your favorite entertainment. You can choose to be entertained as convenient for you.

Seen next are the pictures and processes in a step by step manner so you can say, “I can sign into my iTunes!”

(1) Go to iTunes as installed in your device.

(2) Once iTunes opens up, you can see the iTunes sign in page just in the initial image. Click the “Sign In” hyperlink seen in the upper part of the program.

itunes login

(3) It can occur that you may find another individual’s login and not from the main web page. When this happens, sign out first. This will move you to the main web page. If you still cannot see the iTunes account, which has been signed out, exit iTunes and log back again. The worst case scenario is that, if the problem is still there, restart the device and open iTunes again. This is so you may create and sign in to iTunes.

(4) Once you click the hyperlink, “Sign In,” a screen will pop up like the picture as shown next. Click the “Create Apple ID” button. Then you have to play the waiting game for awhile as your device gets its access to the iTunes Store.

itunes account login

(5) You will see the welcome page prior to you logging into your account in iTunes. Then click the blue button, “Continue.”

(6) Afterwards, you will be shown the Terms and Conditions of Apple as well as their Privacy Policy. You may read or not read these, according to whether you have time or not. Most of us just tick the checkbox showing that you read and agreed in the terms and conditions. After, click the button, “Agree.”

itunes sign in

(7) Type your Password and verify this by typing the Password again. Next type in your Date of Birth, Email, and Security Information. It is not needed to type in another email as a back up. However, remember that you need to put in the right email address. It is up to you if you want to get newsletters or updates coming from Apple. Then click the button, “Continue” as soon as you are done. login

(8) You have to see to it that you have not used the email you will use to sign up in iTunes previously. iTunes would check automatically for this.

(9) Take into account having an iTunes account would not be different from other online accounts. As discussed previously, you would have to have a password. This is to that there would be unscrupulous people who can access your private and sensitive date. This is of course importance because iTunes would need to get your financial information. For example, you may have to give iTunes your credit card information if you want to download song or a podcast. Read and research on tips on creating good passwords. These passwords must be challenging to guess. When you type in the password, the characters are substituted by dots.

(10) Once finished with putting in all of the details, then you already have an iTunes account! Simply keep in mind your iTunes password, as whenever you download or buy new things from the iTunes store, you would have to type your password each and every time especially when you have been signed out already. If you think there are other issues, you can ask iTunes Tech Support for help as soon as possible.